Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a lot of fun this Halloween.  We pulled out our costume box at the beginning of October so the boys were able to dress up a lot.  I took the boys to my Mom's work to trick-or-treat and they came out with a haul!  Everyone at my Mom's work dresses up and decorates the whole office so the boys really loved it.  Next we headed to Todd's mom's work to show her the boys costumes.  Later that night we went out with Todd around our neighborhood before he had to head off to school.  Our next stop was my parent's house to trick-or-treat in their neighborhood with his cousin Skyler.  

Here are my parents with Skyler, Kayson and Everett.  

Kayson the awesome red ninja!  (He took being a ninja seriously).

My ninja and cute little lion.  

Raaaaawwrrrr!!  Everett trying to scare us with his big lion rawr!

Everett really wanted to be a ninja like Kayson, so I let him be the ninja during the day then changed to the lion for trick-or-treating.

Visiting Grandma Larson (aka the NERDS) at work.

After trick or treating at my parents house we headed to my sister, Summer's house to trick or treat with most of the cousins.  Nicole, Skyler, Haven, Kayson, Everett and Camryn.  The boys had a blast going out with their cousins, but were super tired by the time we were done.


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