Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Has Arrived!

We are super excited for Fall/Halloween at our house!  The kids beg to go to the Halloween stores and to look at costumes at every store we go to.  I am loving that Kayson is not as scared this year, so he will actually try on the masks.  Here is Kayson being Hulk.

Kayson's  Favorite Ninja Turtle.....Raphael.
We were able to go to the cabin in Fairview with my Dad and sisister's family.  We had a blast riding up the mountain in my Dad's Razor.

Kayson and Everett hanging out with Grandpa Larson watching the BYU game.  (Back when Kayson was a BYU fan.)
My little twinner boys.  

Kayson loves playing at Covey's house.  They all got dressed up in their cool costumes to play "Disneyland".  I love Jace's "Hey guys wait for me!" last minute fly in.

The boys playing in the rain.  At our house the gutters make for a very fun water slide, especially when it really pours.

Team Rain!  Todd and our friend Matt coached Kayson's soccer team.  He absolutely loves playing soccer and has gotten really good at it.  He would score on average about 4 goals a game.  He had so much fun making new friends and being able to play with his buddy Covey.  Todd and Matt decided to make awards for each player since we had been together as a team for both Spring and Fall.  Kayson won "Best Kicker".  

"Team Rain on 3..."  Kayson and Covey in the team huddle.  I sure do love watching him play sports.  

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The Nelsons said...

Your gutter can be a waterslide?? That is Awesome! We're jealous over here!