Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Time

Here is my cute lil cowboy Kayson!  He LOVES riding around on his toy horse wearing his cowboy hat.  When he is riding he yells out "Giddyup Horsey!"  and "Ridin Cowboy!"  He also loves to dance around to the song She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy.....which he calls Tractor Sessy!
 Kayson sure loves Cheetos.  One day we caught him hiding in the fridge eating his Cheetos.  Silly boy!

For St. Patrick's Day Kayson helped me make green German Pancakes...MMMMM......
Kayson likes to climb into the empty diaper boxes and drive them.  He also enjoys hiding from us in them.
Kayson LOVES art.  He was so excited when they had a picture for him to color at the Ward's Easter Egg Hunt.
And the hunt is on!!  He loved running around finding as many eggs as he could.
Kayson's little smirk when he discovered "Bunny Poop" (jelly beans) inside one of the eggs.
Kayson is my little cheese ball.  He loves the camera and getting his picture taken.  If I am touching the camera at all he will run infront of me with his cute little smile and say "Cheese!"
He got to have another Easter Egg Hunt at my Grandma's, and he enjoyed every minute of it!
He is very good at the hunt now and we don't have to tell him go pick up the egg.  So it was nice just watching him go and taking lots of pictures.
Kayson with his cousins...
Kayson, Haven, Camryn, Brooklyn, and Nicole.
He did the pinata all by himself and did such a good job!  He gave that ball 3 big smacks!
Kayson has a new found obsession...Daddy's phone.  He knows how to navigate through that thing like it's nobody's business.  He loves to play all the games and watch his shows.
Kayson and Dad at the Pinewood Derby.  I love that our ward included all the families in this event.  Todd and Kayson had so much fun making their car and racing it. 
Isn't he just the cutest darn thing that you ever did see?!?  I sure think so!! 
Kayson is also VERY excited to be a big brother.  He loves his little brother so much!  He is always asking to see my tummy so he can hug, kiss and talk to his brother.  When we ask him what he wants to name him he tells us every time "ABC's". 

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Missy & Jimmy said...

I can't believe how much he looks like Todd...still! What a cutie! Congrats on the pregnancy!