Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kayson's First Snow Day

This morning Kayson woke up to Todd saying.."Kayson wake up it snowed!" over and over until he woke up!  He was so excited to go down stairs and see the snow outside!  We hurried and ate breakfast and got Kayson in all his snow clothes for his first time playing in the snow!  He LOVED it!  He was running everywhere kicking the snow, falling down in it, throwing snowballs at Mom and building a snowman with Dad!  Here are some pictures of our fun morning in the snow!

Kayson thought it was cool the fire hydrant had snow on it.
 He was getting pretty annoyed I was following him around everywhere taking pictures of him!

Lola taking a break from running around jumping in the snow.

Kayson making a snowball to throw at mom!

My lil man having sooo much fun!

Kayson ran over to our neighbors lawn trying to hide from me and white washed himself when he tripped lol!  He was not very happy!

MMMMMMM........ First time eating the snow!
Kayson building the snowman with Dad!

We found him at the bottom of our little hill chillaxin!

A nice break in the comfy snow!

Kayson on Denise's door step watchin the dogs play in the snow.

Our cute little family and our newest addition.....Mr Snowman!


Rosie said...

So freaking cute!

The Nelsons said...

Oh man, we should have taken Covey out in it but we're still missing those darn boots! Kayson looks so cute in his snow clothes. It looks like it was a ton of fun. Awesome snowman, Todd!