Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Were Alive, I Promise!!

Wow has it been a long time since we posted or what??!!  We have done some pretty fun things these last couple of months.  We went to the State Fair A LOT thanks to our wonderful neighbor Denise!  Kayson had so much fun with all the animals and tractors.  This kid was in Cowboy Heaven!  Here are some random pictures from the last coupe of months....enjoy!!

Kayson loved this huge Tractor!  He even got to sit in the drivers seat with Daddy!

Here is Kayson picking apples on the kids farm at the Fair.  He was so excited he tried putting them all in his basket.
 Kayson was so excited to run to the next part of the little farm. 
He absolutely LOVES riding horses!  There is not a day that goes by where he doesn't ask to ride a bull, horse or tractor!
 Kayson and Mommy waiting for the Rodeo to start.
                                   Here is a cool pic we caught of the Bucking Broncs.

Kayson and Lola playing around and causing all sorts of trouble!
"I'm all ready to go swimming Mom!"

He did not want to put on the life jacket we found there....

But.....once it was on he felt pretty cool!
                                           This kid sure does love the water!
Kayson loves to feed the Bock Bock's (Chicken in Kayson language)

He sure does love his Tractors!
Now my lil Cowboy is complete!  He has his boots and his hat!
                                                             What a pro!

                        He was a little unsure about the massive pig being so close to him!
 Kayson loves the camera and loves it when we take his picture!  This is one of his "Cheese!" faces!
"Mom is this where the sticker goes?"
                                            "How about here, is this right?"
 We went to the Circus parade at the Gateway with Julia and Covey and had a blast!
 My cute little niece Camryn was blessed!  Here is my gorgeous sister Summer with cute Camryn!

We went to the first practice scrimage for the Jazz and Kayson loved it!
                   Here is the first flower headband I made for Camryn!  I love making these!
                       The pink one was for my niece Nicole and the purple for Brooklyn.
 Here is cute little Haven's flower!  She did not like when I pulled out the lighter to burn the edges and looked away while the fire was going hehe.
 The other day I was cleaning up while Kayson watched Sesame Street and ate lunch.  I noticed he had gotten really quiet and when I looked over I found him fast asleep lol!!  What a cutie!


Talisha said...

Oh my goodness, Kayson is getting so big!! I can't believe it, he's such a cutie!!

mom said...

More! More! More! Keep the pictures coming.

The Nelsons said...

Yay! Good post, loved it. Love that little Camryn, too! I just want to kiss her cheeks!

Anonymous said...

SOO Cute!! I miss my little buddy. Keep the pics coming, I love them. Oh and I love you guys too :)


Keli and Jacob Langston said...

So glad to see some more pictures! Looks like you are having a blast being out and about :)