Wednesday, August 4, 2010


A couple weeks ago My parents took our whole family to Lagoon.  We had so much fun being with family, taking the little kids on rides and acting like kids ourselves.  I knew Kayson would not enjoy the rides very much but decided to take him on the mini Tidal Wave anyways.......ya.....not such a good idea!  He screamed the entire time!  So I just let him hang out in the stroller people watching for the day and he was totally fine with that.  After Lagoon we headed up to the cabin in Fairview.  We got there Friday night and my family came up the next day.  We had so much fun up there.  My Dad is HUGE on fourwheeling so he brought his toys and took us all for rides up the mountain.  Kayson hated the fourwheelers at first but by the last day when we were putting them away he couldn't seem to get enough of them!

Here is Kayson loungin at Lagoon.

Daddy taking Kayson on a ride.
My dad chillaxin.
Todd and Brodie going for a ride up the mountain.  How hot does Todd look by the way (me whistling...whoot whoo)
Kayson getting the slip n slide ready for us...such a big helper.  He loves watering anything with the hose.
Grandpa showing Kayson the technique of watering :)
Todd diving down the slip n slide!!  Such a pro! (and he wondered why his abs hurt the next day lol)
Kayson loves drinkin from the hose.
My nephew Skyler pullin me down the slip n is he strong or what?!  As you can see Lola is running to jump on and ride with me..
Kayson just being Kayson...
This is what my sister did the entire weekend....BORING!
This is what Brodie did when he wasn't sleeping lol..(thats a tv in case you couldn't see)
My mom playing with the kids...looking good mom!!
Todd making a YUMMY dinner on the grill!!
Brodie in the middle of doing a flip (don't worry he didn't land on his head)
Can you say S.T.U.D Muffin??  Kayson broke my moms sunglasses she was so proud of cuz she finally found some that would cover her regular glasses while riding..sorry mom....but doesnt he just look so cute??
Kayson wanted to help build the fire sooo bad!
My cute little family!
The boys workin the fire..
Mommy taking Kayson for a ride..
Born to Ride!! 

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The Nelsons said...

So fun and relaxing. And cute pics of Kayson. That's good he was content to sit in his stroller at Lagoon. I'd love to go if it just wasn't so dang expensive. ...And Lola! She's getting big!