Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July so far..

Sorry it's been a while since we last posted...who would have known staying at home would keep me so incredibly busy??  But I sure do LOVE it!!  Here is an update on some stuff we have been up to this month..
Kayson loves playing in his little pool outside!  He loves filling up the water with the hose himself, splashing Lola and eating popsicles in the pool.
Did I mention he also loves swimming outside in his birthday suit??
Here is Kayson doing another thing he loves...running around naked!  He will always take off his diaper while swimming or whenever he is just outside without pants and run around. 
Kayson just being silly playing in the diaper box!! 
July 2nd we went to the West Bountiful park with my family for fireworks.  Kayson had so much fun running around with his cousins!
Here is Nicole, Kayson, Skyler, Brooklyn and Todd watching Todd do his magic trick.
Haven, Brodie (sleeping in back) my Mom and pregnant Summer. 
Me and Haven!  Love this girl!  She is totally 4 turning 12!
Almost time for fireworks...Kayson was not so happy he couldn't run around anymore finding people to give him cotton candy!  At first he was terrified of the fireworks but after about 5 or 6 of them he was ok with them.
July 3rd we went and saw the West Bountiful parade with my family.  My mom went extra early to get us such great seats!  The clown stopped just for Kayson to make him a really cool squiggly balloon.
As you can see all the kids just love uncle Todd! 

After the parade we went back to the park for a carnival.  After all the excitement and the heat Kayson passed out in the car! 

We were also able to go to the last Blaze game of the season...BIG thanks to Amos and Jessica for such awesome tickets!!!  We were extremely worried that Kayson would be bored and try to run around the whole time, so we went and bought him a new backpack (ok ok it's a leash) and he loved it!  Also to our surprise Kayson LOVED the game and sat in my lap the entire 3 hours!  This picture doesn't show his excitement cuz he is way too cool to have his picture taken.
Brodie got to stand right up next to the field the whole game and loved it!  All the different mascots would come up and stand by him.  He had such a blast!
Here is Kayson watching the game!
Daddy let Kayson help him make cookies.  Kayson loves to cook with us.  He is very good as stiring anything we need mixed, and in this case he is also very good at sneaking cookie dough!
This is what happens when you give a child your Drum Stick ice cream cone in the car...
We had so much fun at Todd's family reunion.  Kayson did the fish pond and got a cool ball.  Todd's parents also did a cotton candy machine which is now Kayson's new favorite!  He ate so much cotton candy that day lol..


Kathryn said...

He's too big! When did this happen? :) He's darling!

Missy & Jimmy said...

I really cannot believe how much he looks like a mini Todd! He's adorable.

Anonymous said...

That looked like so much fun! I think I mention this all the time, but he is definitely Todd's twin. He's going be such a stud when he grows up. :)

Emily said...

Yay for the update! It still baffles me that our boys are getting so big!

The Nelsons said...

great post! I can't believe Kayson is taking off his own diaper! I sure hope Covey doesn't figure that out soon.