Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Time Fun!

Tonight we went up to Todd's sisters house in Ogden for a family BBQ. It was tons of fun getting the family together it even included his sister Keli her husband Jacob and their CUTE little girl Addison in Flordia. We were able to use Skype to talk to them over the internet! Technology is pretty amazing these days. It was really nice to be able to see and talk to them! Tiff and David (Todd's sister and bro. in law) have a big field in their back yard where the neighbors horses roam. It was soo fun to pet and feed the horses. Kayson really liked them!

Daddy and Kayson Petting the horse.

This horse followed us all across the field, it was funny, like a little dog taggin along!!

Todd, David and Zeke feedin the horses Watermelon.

Tiff and David let us borrow their exersaucer. Its 360 degrees of pure fun! Boy does he love his new toy!

He has so much fun with all the different toys until he tries to eat them and they wont move. He thinks yellin at them will make them move.

Thanks guys we had a blast, can't wait to do it again!


The Nelsons said...

Too cute! We need something like that. Cov's got nothing to play with. PS I need help figuring out how to make a vertical picture as my heading. Have you seen mine? It's crappy cause I couldn't get it to work.

Jacob said...

That was so much fun for us! Jacob and I couldn't stop talking about how cute Kayson is. We thought he was so cute in pictures, but on the camera he is even cuter if that's possible. I am dying to hold him, I don't think I've ever wanted to hold a baby so much...seriously! We meant to ask how his bottom is doing...I hope it is healing well. You guys look great,and we can't wait to see you pretty soon :)

The Nelsons said...

Sure, I'll help you make one! You'll just need 3/4 yard of fabric or 1 1/4 yard if you want to double up the fabric like mine, 2 D-rings (mine are 1 1/2 inch D-rings, but you could probably go smaller), and 1/2 yard of Ridgeline boning. Not everywhere has the boning. I went to Joann's. That and the D-rings are on the very back wall, kinda in the middle. Anyway, I can help you anytime you want. Just let me know! Do you have a sewing machine? You can use mine, if not. PS I think we're having FHE at our house this Sunday. Does that work for you guys?

Emily said...

Ben did AWESOME at the zoo! He mostly slept, but while he was awake, it was just like playing outside to him. Anytime you want to go, just let us know. We'll go with you!