Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 Months

On Sunday Kayson turned 3 months old! WOW I really can't believe it! The past few months have been so much fun, I love every single minute I get to be with Kays! Here are a few pictures of the past month.......

Kayson LOVES his hands! Any chance he gets he is trying to put his fists in his mouth. I have tried to get him to try just sucking on his thumb but he wont, it's gotta be the WHOLE thing!
I love his stunning blue eyes!
Daddy and Kays are makin the same face.
Like Father like Son!

Kays sure loves his naps.. Lately he has been opening his eyes while he is dead asleep. (fully open like he is staring at you) Its hilarious!

He likes to lay on his Hippo mat and play with his lion that dangles above him.

Soooo cute! I just can't get enough of this kid!

I went back to work 5/12 and was havin a hard time. So Todd surprised me when I got home he had Kayson sittin by himself (propped by pillows) with a onsie that said my heart belongs to mommy, balloons, a note that said "I missed you mommy" and candy bars! So sweet!

They day before I went back to work we went on a family outing.
Kayson got to go to his first movie at a theatre! We saw Wolverine. He did sooo good! Granted he slept the whole time!

We also went to Spaghetti Mamas where he also slept haha.

My work gave us a Bumbo chair and Kayson does really well in it! He loves sitting up!

Happy 3 Months little man!


Wendy L said...

When are you going to let me babysit the kid?

Keli and Jacob Langston said...

I'd say he has stunning blue eyes! We love you!

The Nelsons said...

Hey! I didn't know you took him to the theater! That's awesome he slept the whole time. I've just gotten used to the idea that we have to wait for everything to come out on video.

Does Todd just love you in that red and black shirt! You look hot!

Good for Kays sitting in that bumbo. I think Cov would flop all over the place. But maybe we'll have to come over and try it out to see if he likes it. Boy, it sure is nice having you just ahead of us in everything so we can keep on top of what we should be doing!

mom said...

Thanks Brittany for posting more pictures even though your life I bet is a little more hectic going back to work. And I have never heard of a bumbo chair but it looks pretty handy to have. 3 Months is an amazing time in a little person, you are in for some sweet moments.
Love Ya