Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 Month Check Up

Kayson had his 2 month Dr. visit today. It was a little bitter-sweet. He now weighs 13 pounds 12 ounces and is 23 inches! What a big baby hehe! He is growing up soooo fast I just can't believe it! His weight is at 90 percent and his height at 50. When the Dr. came in she was talkin and tickling him so he was smiling so big at her, it was way cute! She was also very impressed with his head holding/sitting up capabilities! She said at 2 months they don't generally do that that well that they are usually at least 3 months before they do it that well! I was one proud momma! He also had to get 4 vaccinations today which was so so so sad!!! The first one wasn't bad, he got to take it orally and she said it was sugary and boy did he love eating that one! The next three were horrible! He got two shots in his left leg and one in his right. He was so sad he screamed so hard and his whole body went extremely red! As a parent there is nothing worse in this world than to see your child sad or in pain and not being able to help them! His shots have been bothering him pretty bad today so the Dr. told us to give him some infant Tylenol and it seems to have helped (thank goodness) cuz he is sound asleep on his daddy's chest!

Hopefully he feels better tomorrow so we can play outside! He is able to wear sunscreen and bug spray now so I will feel much better with him being in the sun a little bit. He just loves bein outside!


The Nelsons said...

Oh man... that makes me so anxious for Covey's apt. It IS terrible to sit there and let them hurt your little boy. It's going to be so sad. Sorry Kays. Poor little boy. I'm glad the tylenol helped. If the weather's good this Saturday we may go to Park City to do some shopping for summer clothes at the outlets. If you guys are interested, let us know!

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Jamie said...

Shots are the worst. I even cried a little it was so sad. We're taking Josie back on Wednesday for her 4 month appointment. I will be surprised if she is much over 12 lbs! She must be quite a bit smaller than Kayson. She's just now into 3 month clothes. I'm dreading more shots!