Monday, November 3, 2008

I've Been TAGGED!! "Where Were You?"

We were tagged by our friend Luana!! Now we are to tell "where we've been", "where we are", and "where we will be". So here it goes:

  • 20 years ago: Brittany: Well I would have been 11 months old so Im sure I was learnin how to cause all sorts of trouble for my mom haha.. Todd: I just started pre-school, I stole toys from the school and my mom made me take them back.. I was so scared!!
  • 10 years ago: Brittany: I was 10, I played competitive soccer so that consumed most of my time. Every chance I got my friends and I were out playin some kind of sport. Ya I was a little well alot a bit of a tom boy back then haha. Todd: I was in 9th grade, I was a HUGE sports fan and right about this time we won State in Little Legue Football. The Jazz were in their prime and I was lovin every minute of it.
  • 5 years ago: Brittany: 15 years old and in High School.. I had my learners permit and couldn't wait to get my license and be able to break away from my parents! I loved this time in in my life getting ready to date and drive! Every kids dream haha. Todd: Just graduated High School and gettin ready to go on my mission. I just got patriarchal blessing, and said good bye to my grandpa Larson for the last time.
  • 3 years ago: Brittany: I just graduated High School and couldn't wait to get my life started! I moved to Colorado to live with my sister and had so much fun! I didn't have to have a job so I played with my three nieces all day long! Todd: Three years ago this month I got home from my mission and was a new man. I went up to start school at BYU Idaho and had so much fun. When I came back home I went back to work at Cyprus Credit Union. I was also preparing to go to Oklahoma with my friend/mission comp. for the summer to sell pest control.
  • 1 year ago: Todd and I had been dating for 8 months and just got engaged! Todd had made a book of our relationship and was going to use it to propose to me, so he ended up having the ring for about a month before he actually proposed and I had NO IDEA! I still didn't even know what was happening while he was doing it until he got down on his knee and asked me! We were so excited to get married and very busy planning the big day! Right around this time we were doing our engagement pictures at Wheeler Farm! Todd had just started a new job at Select Health and I was a teller at Utah First.
  • This year: This year has been a busy year for Todd and I. We got married on January 11, and went on our Honeymoon to Vegas! We were living in a duplex in West Bountiful and loving life. In March Todd had told me he found some Condos he thinks we should live in. So I went to go look with him and fell in love with them. So in May we ended up moving in with his parents in Magna to save up some money before buying our first home in North Salt Lake. We moved into our home on July 17. We love living here and love the new friends we have made! In June we also found out we were pregnant, and last month found out were having a boy. Ya I'd say a busy year, married, house, and baby! Boy do we move fast haha!
  • yesterday: Yesterday was Sunday and Todd and I just relaxed all day long! I was not feelin very well in the morning so we just hung out and watched movies. We made fried won tons together. (mine were cream cheese and Todd's were filled with hamburger) We had to stick to our Sunday tradition so we watched Americas Funniest Home Videos and Extreme Home Makeover!
  • Today: Today was a tipical monday. We went to work. The baby was kicking up a storm today!! It was no fun driving home from work in the DARK!! When I got home Todd had made breakfast for dinner. MMMMMMM...We had hashbrowns and eggs!!! We (well Todd) talked to one of the girls that he served his mission on the video cam. It was fun seeing her!
  • Next year: Next year we will have a new little addition to our family! Our son is due February 24 and we can not wait to meet him and have him in our lives! We are also gonna try to go on a family vacation to see his little sister in Flordia. Todd is wanting to go back to school and finish his associates degree. He will also be turing the big 25!! Whoop whoop!

Now we have to tag we are going to tag...Katy and Steve, Mike and Laura, James and Jessica, and Emily and Adam.


Keli and Jacob Langston said...

Wow! You guys have had quite the adventures so far together. That would be so much fun if you came to visit us, there are alot of fun things to do around here, and it will be fun to see the new addition if I haven't by then. :)

Michael and Laura said...

Good to know a little bit more about you both! I really did love the book that Todd put together to ask you to marry him - so cute!

P.s. I love your costumes for Halloween!!

Luana said...

I'm so glad you guys played along! It's so neat to know all these things about the both of see how different your lives were at one time, and then to come together as one and make a life together. How cool is that?!! And I didn't realize how young you both are! Well, I should say how old I am, I guess! hahahaha At least this has helped me know a little more about you. FUN!!