Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun Sunday!

Yesterday was so much fun!! After church Todd and I went over to my family's house to visit. We ended up staying there for like half the day just playin games! Plus its always fun going to parents and having some good home cooking!! MMMMM... Todd will claim he won every time at Egyptian War but thats not true haha we TIED twice!! Then after games, dinner, and a hair cut for Todd we rushed home for FHE with our friends in our neighborhood! We love getting together with our neighbors we always have so much fun! We had a good lesson then had refreshments and played signs! If you havent played that game you so should its a blast!!


mom said...

You guys are so cute, I need to come and see the nursery painting job.
Glad to hear your getting to know your neighbors.

Any more info on the baby?

Love Ya

Katy said...

I agree. That was a way fun night! Im excited for the next one

Anonymous said...

How fun!