Thursday, June 17, 2010

Skyler's Surgery

Yesterday my nephew Skyler went in for another surgery.  So today Kayson and I went up to Primary Children's to visit him.  We arrived just in time for Dora and Spongebob!  Kayson loved that Dora was there and even started saying Spongebob!  He was fine at a distance but once we walked him closer or they looked his way he got scared.  But after a while of just sitting there he wanted to get down and be a little more brave and walk in their direction to get a closer look.  He would do it ever so slighly though and turn and run if they looked at him.  After about 45 minutes of hanging out with them we went back to Skyler's room to give him his present.  Kayson got him a bubble gun and some Toy Story gummies.  They had so much fun jumping on his bed, blowing bubbles and running around the hospital and hiding.  Get well soon Skyler we love you so much!

Here is my sister trying to show Kayson Backpack!


Katy said...

How cute! what did he have surgery on? I hope gets better quick!!

The Nelsons said...

Get better soon, Skylar! And good job Aunt Brittany for bringing in some fun in a yucky situation!

Jacob said...

Poor little Skyler. Hope everything is all right.
I can't believe how much hair Kayson has! Did it grow over night?