Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chuck E Cheese and Fun Times

For Skyler's birthday on the 13th we got to go to Chuck E Cheese with the family.  It was a lot of fun!  We were trying to win a ton of tickets for the birthday boy so we were runnin around playin all the games :)  Kayson had a lot of fun, we thought he would be so scared to sit next to Chucke in the picture car but he actually loved it.  He was just as excited running around with everyone playing all the games.  We also went to the Kangaroo Zoo by our house that day which we thought was so fun but not so much Kayson..  He was terrified of all the stuff but like the trooper he is (i.e. mom making him) he went down the big slides..  The next day we were able to welcome our newest addition Brodie into our home.  Kayson absolutely loves having him live with us and wants to follow him everywhere and do what he does.  Brodie also loves playing with Kayson, it's cute to see them playing together.

Here is Kayson riding in the Chucke car and the dog car.
He found a game that he was really good at, he could push a button and make the frog tongue knock over the bugs. 
Here is Kayson with aunt Crystal playing air hockey. 
Kayson and mom bein cool.. he really didnt like this slide.
kayson and mommy going down the big slide.  Kayson was latched onto me so tight...Kayson also did really well at the batting cage type thing.
Ahhh Kayson and mom favorite!
Me and Brodie makin weird faces..
Mom and Kayson..again..
AHHH cute brothers..


The Nelsons said...

Cute pics! Kayson's eyes look brown in that pic with Brodie, Crazy! Tabiona looked way fun.

Keli and Jacob Langston said...

Crazy to think you have two little kiddos now. Glad to hear everything is going well. Love all the pictures!

Ashley said...

Bitt- I just think its awesome that you guys have opened your home to Brodie! What an amazing thing you are doing!