Thursday, November 12, 2009


So I think Kayson has a milk allergy!! We switched him from his Gentlease formula to the Costco brand a couple weeks ago and Im just now putting all of his "sickness" together. For that past couple weeks Kayson has been so fussy and grumpy which is completely not like him!! He has also had a bad stuffy/runny nose, a bad cough, a blow out EVERY morning, eczema, fluid behind his ear and has not been sleeping very well. I was freaking out thinking what could be going on with him until I thought well Im Lactos Intolerant so maybe he is... So today at work Todd sent me a link of symptoms of a milk allergy and Kayson had ALL but the colic symptom!!! I feel soo bad that he has been so miserable for the past couple weeks and I didn't put it together sooner! He has his 9 month apointment on tuesday so until then Im going to switch him back to his old formula and see if that helps him feel better!!! Poor little guy!


The Nelsons said...

Yikes, I'm sorry!! I know that my sister's son seemed to be lactose intolerant too and then when he got older she tried milk again and he was fine with it, so hopefully it will be a short term thing.

Emily said...

Poor little guy. That would explain all those things though. We tried the Costco formula too, and it made Ben sick, but not to that extent. Hopefully your doc can figure things out. Until then, good luck! Hope Kayson feels better.


Hey Brittany! Both my kids had to be on Nutramigen when they were little. Bay had blood in her poop and was so cranky. Deeg had acid reflux. But, they are both fine with milk now! Gentlease didn't even work for them! Good Luck!