Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pictures, pictures & more pictures.........

Well its been quite a while since we last posted pictures of our family. Things have been pretty busy around here.. So here are some random pictures of whats been going on these last couple months........ENJOY!!

Going for a bike ride..

He holds his own bottle now!

He thinks its funny wearin his pants on his head...and it sure is!

Kayson swimmin with his cousins Skyler and Nicole.

He loves the water

First time playin his guitar (ok so technically its not a guitar but well pretend it is)

He's already a pro
He doesn't like mom and dad to feed him anymore he wants to do it himself

Dad and Kays at the museum in Fairview

Kayson and Covington getting ready to play some golf...Covey is gettin ready to take off, look out!

There were two bucks right outside the door at the cabin

Gettin ready to crawl....

Too funny for words!! LOL

Such cute boys!


Keli and Jacob Langston said...

I love all the pictures! Keep them coming :) Kayson looks so much like you get that a lot?

The Nelsons said...

He does look a lot like Todd in that last picture! There were so many good ones... I Love his face in the one in the water (with his cousins)and the pants on the head and he looks SO SO handsome in the one in his exersaucer. And that one of you two in Fairview I thought there was an old lady in the background and Matt's all "That's You!" Yikes! Anyway... and you look so pretty in the one in the recliner. You're just a good looking family! Anymore crawling since the little one on Sat?

TheBinghamFamily said...

He is such a cute boy! I want to hold him!

Emily said...

Love the guitar pictures! and the funny face cracks me up. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

i love all pictures, very cute....nice blog too.xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, he is so cute! I can tell he has such a cute personality!

Missy & Jimmy said...

What a cutie! Todd the World Cup is in 2014! We are planning on going to Brazil for it if everything works out with Jimmy's work. You should join us. Do you know the Johnsons? (Brady and Melinda) We are planning on it together!