Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday Kayson turned 4 months old!! Wow that went by too fast! He also had his 4 month check up yesterday. The Dr. said he is lookin really good! He now weighs 17.2 pounds and is 25 inches!! Ya, he is a solid boy!! He had to get two more shots as well and has not been feelin so well from them, poor little guy. Thank goodness for infant Tylenol!! He is now starting to eat Stage one foods, and loves them! He hated the rice cereal so we decided since his Dr. gave the go ahead on stage one foods we would skip the cereal. To celebrate we made cupcakes and he got to play in the frosting haha! Dont worry we didnt let him eat any of it! Here are a few pics of our little man!
Yikes he is big enough for a little high chair!
He didnt quite know what to think of the sticky frosting on his hand.

I call this his tatoo shirt, it says Mom 4 Ever! I love it! Its even a size 12 month shirt!

Yup he rolled over back to front. Well I guess not all the way, his arm was in his way. But he did roll over tummy to back!!!

Kayson loves to hang out with his buddy Covey! They do it all, from watchin their parents playin tennis (well trying) to movie nights!

I just cant get enough of this kid! He is the greatest thing ever!

Gettin ready for bed in his cute Rhino jammies!

He said "Hi" yesterday! We had just arrived at my parent's house yesterday morning and when I was takin him out of his seat my mom came over and said "Hi Kayson." Right as she said it he looked up at her and said "Hi" in a really excited voice!! Mistake or not I dont really care. My baby said hi and I was soooo excited!!!


Jen Beckstrand said...

He's TALKING already!!! Goodness 4 months old! You've got a genius child on your hands! I miss you!

The Nelsons said...

I may be biased, but my fav picture is the one of him and Covey holding hands!! So, what are stage one foods?