Saturday, March 21, 2009

One Month Old!

On Tuesday Kayson turned One Month Old!! I can't believe it! He is growing up soooo fast, this last month has just been a blur. He eats all the time and has gotten a little chunky haha! He is so much fun to be around. He loves to just sit and stare at us. He is starting to hold his head up on his own, and each day it seems like he can hold it up longer. He got his daddy's eye color and they are very blue! On Wednesday he was just lookin around at us and started laughing! He has the cutest laugh ever!!

We made him one month cupcakes (too bad he couldn't enjoy any of his own cupcakes though).
We tried to do our own little photo shoot
Yes he has a little double chin and proud of it :)

The binki takes up about half his face haha sooo cute!

Little man sleepin in his swing.

We had a baby shower for our friend Julia and so we wanted to dress him up all cute to show him off to our friends! (Dad loves picking his outfits for him)

He loves to be burped, it just relaxes him and he falls asleep most of the time.

We just love our little Kayson and couldn't be happier that he is here!! Happy One month baby Kays!!


Wendy L said...

Ooh my word. He's a monster, he's gotten so big!

Keli and Jacob Langston said...

I can't believe he is one month already. He is sooo cute! I couldn't help but say oooohhhhh the entire time I was looking at the pictures. I really can't wait to see him. Keep the pictures coming!

The Nelsons said...

Those are some stinkin cute pictures! Happy One Month, Kayson! That's cute that you did cupcakes for it. I can't wait for Covey to start laughing!

Ashley said...

I LOOOOOVE that you have a blog!

mom said...

I love the Basket Picture. I love that little guy.

talisha said...

He is just too cute!!