Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Year!!

On January 11 Todd and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary!! I cant believe we have already been married for a year! Time flies by sooo fast!! We have had a very eventful year!! It all started with our wedding then buying our first home then preparing to have a baby!! Ya we move a little fast haha! This year has been sooo much fun!! I love being married to Todd! He is such an amazing husband and is always there for me and supporting me every step of the way! We have had so much fun together! Since our anniversary was on a sunday we decided to celebrate the whole weekend! On friday after work we met at the Gateway and ate at Panda Express then went and saw 7 pounds! Then saturday for dinner we went to Texas Roadhouse! I love love love that place! It was my first time there and o my goodness was it good!! Then sunday we just hung out with each other, made french bread pizza for dinner, ate cake for dessert then watched 24!!! It was such an AMAZING weekend!! Here are a few random pictures of our life so far.......

Our Wedding Invitation!

One of our engagement pictures
WEDDING DAY!! (sorry I could only find one with my family)

Todd made me promise not to shove the cake in his face! (LAME!)

Honeymoon in Vegas!

Surprise dinner I made todd with rose peddals and candles everywhere


Our little baby Boy!! 2/24/09

Me bein prego around 20 weeks!!

This was taken at LDS Hospital the day we found out we were having a boy!! 10/22/08
Thanks for such an amazing first year babe!! I love you!!!!!!


Katy said...

That is so exciting! 1 year is awesome! You guys are such a cute couple and we love knowing you. You are both great examples to us! Congratulations!!

Michael and Laura said...

Oh cute! You guys are such a cute couple! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!!

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary! What an exciting year you've had! PS: couldn't you just live off those rolls at Texas Road house FOREVER!

Emily said...

PPS: I didn't know your maiden name was Beckstrand, are you related to a Jordan Beckstrand married to Cassidy Meldrum?

The Nelsons said...

Hey, Brit! Yay, I love your blog! So, I feel like such a brat. Remember when you asked me if I liked Texas Roadhouse and I was like "Ehhh... not really." You should have said "Well, you're dumb. We went there for our anniversary." Then I could have said "CONGRATS!" So, here's a belated "congratulations" and a "thanks" for making game night so fun!