Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Wow it's finally here Im actually in my third trimester! I thought that would never happen haha. It's kinda weird to think that I only have 12 weeks left! I have felt like being pregnant has gone on forever but looking back it all went so fast! Im super duper excited about being in my third trimester! Even if I cant sleep at night from the pain and discomfort! (and whoever said ya start feelin better at your second trimester...Im still waitin for that one haha) Its so cool to think that there is a little boy inside me kicking my stomach and ribs and turning all around! I hope these next 12 weeks go by fast I cant wait to meet this little boy!


natalie horrocks said...

yea!! YOu should post some pictures of your cute pregnant belly!

Katy said...

Wow! That did go by fast! That is crazy and super exciting. This time next year you are going to have a little boy to spoil with Christmas presents. That is very exciting!!

Tiffany and David said...

We are so excited that there is only 12 more weeks before we get to be an Aunt and Uncle again. Justus and Zeke are excited to get a new little cousin also.